We come across many garment manufacturers in our day-to-day life. Custom clothing manufacturer is a different concept. Simple garments used in regular life are readily available in the markets. Standard garments for gents, ladies, and kids are accessible in various garment shops. Whereas, custom clothing is not the regular readymade clothing available in the market.

Most of us are not so particular about our dresses regardless of gender. But few people are selective about what they wear. Here comes the function of a custom clothing manufacturer.

Types of custom clothing manufacturers

There are two types of custom clothing manufacturer.

  1. Bulk custom clothing manufacturers
  2. Designer custom clothing manufacturers


Now the first category as the name suggests manufactures clothes on a large scale. Usually, these types of clothing manufacturers have a global reach. So they have a selected client base in different countries. Their garments are distinctive from the crowd but readily available in various shops where they supply their garments.

The second category has selective clients who belong to the upper strata of society. Just like celebrities, industrialists, high government officials, reputed doctors, etc.

 Types of consumers:

  • Branded garment lovers always like comfortable, stylish clothes. Certain people love the brand. These people buy clothes from those brands they can relate to. Usually, such garments are prepared by specialized people of reputed companies having a global presence. The quality of their clothes is high, fast in color, easy to use and wash yet manufactured in bulk.
  • Designer garment lovers always go to a reputed designer (a person who has done a fashion designing course from an institute). These clients want one to one attention of the garment manufacturer. The designers are cherished for their unique design, pattern, and creativity. Generally, such designers are limited to their domestic market.

A custom clothing manufacturer usually focuses on the material used and provides variety in fabrics and expert craftsmanship.

Generally, a designer focuses on niche marketing, having a selective client base. But a global brand focuses on the upper-class people who fancy high-end products available in shopping malls.

Checklist for selecting custom clothing manufacturers:

  • Business format

The flexibility of the business model is very vital. Manufacturers who do wholesale business are good as they give competitive rates. But for small-scale startups prices may be a factor.

  • National or international  

Domestic manufacturers are fast in delivering their products, better communication, and fast processing.

Overseas manufacturers are apt for those who have a global presence.

  • Clothing range

The product catalog available with the manufacturers always has some specifically customized designs which are sold easily. Apart from this, the clients can always urge them to create garments of their choice.

  • Delivery time

The delivery of the product should be done at the correct time to retain the customer base.

  • Order quantity

Before any order is placed the minimum and maximum order quantity should always be checked to avoid extra costs.

What do we expect from a custom clothing manufacturer?    

Good quality, stylish, fashionable clothes are the signature of this type of clothing manufacturer. Customized garments always have a special place in each customer’s heart.

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