After buying ownership of the social media giant Twitter, new owner Elon Musk announced that for $8 a month, any customer can get a ‘blue tick’ symbol next to their name on their account. According to the announcement of this American billionaire, Twitter has started that service.

Currently, the total number of Twitter users is 23.8 million. Now everyone will get blue tick mark in exchange of money. Al-Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, reported on Sunday that the service was launched for $7.99 per month.

In an update for Apple’s iOS devices, Twitter sent a message to its users saying that those who ‘sign up now’ will get a blue tick next to their name. Twitter also said in the message, ‘Stars, organizations and politicians you’re currently following will get blue ticks like them.’

There is no indication yet that verified accounts that now have a blue tick next to their name will have that symbol removed.

Meanwhile, mid-term elections will be held in the United States on Tuesday. Now there are fears that a group may open accounts using the names of politicians or election officials and use blue ticks on them in exchange for money to spread misinformation.

Earlier various companies, politicians and election related officials used to publish reliable information from verified accounts with blue tick marks. But now there are fears that allowing everyone to have a blue tick next to their name will reduce the acceptability of this information.

In 2009, Twitter started giving free Blue Ticks to influential people and organizations. This free service has now ended.

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