Amusan set a world record in the semifinals of women’s 100m hurdles and reached the final. The Nigerian clocked just 12.12 seconds to finish the race in the semi-finals.

At that time, she broke the record of 12.20 seconds held by Kendra Harrison of the United States. In 2016, the US representative was the best in this event with a time of 12.20 seconds.

Amuson took even less time to finish the race in the final. His final time was just 12.06 seconds. Amusan made history as Nigeria’s first world champion.

After winning the final, Amusan said, ‘The goal was to win the gold medal. Although I had confidence in my abilities, I did not think of setting a world record. Winning was the main goal, the world record was a bonus.’

By Setu

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