Leading short video platform TikTok has launched a new campaign called ‘Sabdhane Online’ with Jago Foundation to ensure online safety among the youth of Bangladesh. The six-month long campaign aims to create awareness among the youth of the country and ensure responsible use of the platform.

To address the challenges of cybercrime including social media harassment, scams, fraud and educate the youth about online safety, TikTok and Jago Foundation will organize day-long workshops with local social media influencers and youth in 16 districts of Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions.

In addition to the workshops, information will also be provided to the local youth community through online safety sessions. This interactive session will discuss the safe use of internet, multi-faceted use of social media, how to stay safe from cyberbullying and the importance of creating positive content for youth development. As part of online safety sessions in those districts, participants will be tasked with creating and sharing video content from their social media profiles. Basically it will encourage positive and safe use of social media.

To register to participate in this workshop visit the website https://www.jaago.com.bd/shabdhane-online . The campaign will empower hundreds of young social media influencers and content creators from 16 districts; Also they will promote them on a large scale through the project.

TikTok’s top priority is ensuring the safety of its users. The company is fully committed to ensuring the safety of the community in Bangladesh, as TikTok continues to implement policies and protocols to proactively identify and prevent attempts to share inappropriate content on its platform.

TikTok is constantly improving and strengthening its features to protect users from content that violates community guidelines. This partnership of TikTok with Jago Foundation is another step in the right direction for a digitally secure Bangladesh.

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