TikTok is expanding its creator tools to create engaging content and find new and vibrant communities. ‘TikTok Now’ has been introduced so that users can use these tools to connect with others spontaneously through the platform.

‘TikTok Now’ is a new way to entertain and connect with others on TikTok. Users can share daily photos and videos with their closest people to give them a new Tiktok experience. ‘TikTok Now’ brings a unique way to connect with your community with a truly creative experience.

TikTok has introduced videos in a simple format to deepen relationships and provide more fun and entertainment. Now ‘TikTok Now’ invites its users and friends to simultaneously video whatever they are doing, or moments they want to capture, on the front and rear cameras. Users will receive a daily prompt to capture a 10-second video or a static photo, making it quick and easy to share what they’re doing.

The platform is working with ‘TikTok Now’ on an experimental basis. ‘TikTok Now’ will be available in the existing TikTok app or in the new ‘TikTok Now’ app. ‘TikTok Now’ will be available in the TikTok app itself in some countries. Apart from this, the ‘TikTok Now’ app can be downloaded or available in both formats. TikTok will continue to enhance its user experience, as well as allow new ways to create videos.

‘TikTok Now’ is designed with community safety and privacy in mind. Here creators can decide and control who can see and engage with their content. They can block others, delete comments they don’t like. If you think someone is breaking the Community Guidelines with their behavior, you can report it for review.

TikTok takes community safety very seriously. Further steps will continue to be taken to support the safety and well-being of adolescents in particular:

1. If someone under the age of 16 has an account on the TikTok Now app, just like TikTok, their account will automatically be private.

2. People under 18 cannot share their content in the Explore feed.

3. 13 to 15 year olds can only comment within friends rather than interact with others.

4. Additional sharing settings will be available for those over 18. In addition to sharing with mutual friends, they can choose to share their posts with the wider ‘TikTok Now’ community based on the privacy settings they choose. There will be default settings that friends can also see.

This is to change the privacy settings in the ‘TikTok Now’ app:

1. Tap Friends can view on the post screen.

2. There you can specify who can see your TikTok Now posts.

3. Friends Can View: Anyone who follows you and you follow back can see TikTok Now.

4. Everyone : Anyone can see your TikTok Now posts here. Remember, those who don’t follow you, or those you don’t follow, can’t comment or interact with your post.

TikTok always wants to create seamless communication for its community and works to create an authentic entertainment connection. The TikTok Now app will be launched for users worldwide in a few weeks. TikTok is working to learn from its community, improve and enrich their experience.

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