nternational trade news was the imposition of US tariffs on Chinese goods. In retaliation, China also imposed tariffs on US goods. Then the trade war started between the two countries.

After the Covid started, however, the news of the trade war went into hiding. This time around, the news came as the United States imposed a strict embargo on products manufactured in China’s Xinjiang province. The United States has said that companies importing goods from China will have to prove that they were not made by force. News from the BBC.

U.S. officials say Muslims from China’s Uighur community are being held in the area and forced to work. Although China has always said that it did not forcibly detain Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province. However, the United States has already banned the import of yarn and tomatoes from the region.

The United States has imposed the ban in light of the Uighur Forced Labor Prevention Act. The ban took effect on Tuesday.

In a statement, U.S. lawmakers said they wanted to send a clear message through the law: “The United States will not tolerate the Chinese Communist Party’s heinous crimes against slavery and humanity. Republicans and Democrats alike enacted the law.

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