The inconceivable has occurred. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp et al — online entertainment, as far as we might be concerned, was down for approximately six hours. Furthermore, we made due!

For most Bangladeshis, the timing could never have been more regrettable. Valid, a portion of the nation was sleeping, sans the evening people, which my day to day morning feed recommends is a critical number. No big surprise the most widely recognized inquiry after the aftermath of the virtual entertainment end of the world was — “Are we back?” Well back to the ’80s we were!

It resembled when there was no Internet, no digital TV, and the main diversion accessible was on old fashioned Bangladesh Television.For the individuals who didn’t experience the occasion, think about this. There was no Facebook, no photograph updates to beware of Instagram, WhatsApp was dead as well! Fundamentally, your ‘impasse of the night schedule’ was ill-fated.

Feeling that this could be a telephone disappointment, you restart your versatile for the umpteenth time just to come by a similar outcome. You re-actually look at the WIFI settings and begin your PC — same issues! Your smartest option to separate consideration by making up for lost time with a few old episodes of Friends isn’t occurring either, so you choose to move to the TV. Really at that time do you find that unfamiliar TV channels are having a ‘shut down’ of their own and every one of the nearby channels are ’80s Dhallywood titles — the feature of which are scenes with crisscrossed sound blending.

Like huge number of sound sleepers, I missed the whole disaster. Can’t help thinking about what might have happened provided that this disaster occurred during the late morning intensity of the COVID-19 lockdown!

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