Remember when was the last time you didn’t come online once all day? It is a bit difficult for netizens to give immediate answers! In this age of Facebook, e-mail, online shopping and breaking news, Internet activity is not a crime but a threat to personal safety.

According to the news published in the US daily New York Times, a Russian cybercriminal group has 1.2 billion different online account login information! So how much information can hackers from all over the world have – just think. And if you can’t think for yourself, let’s see how to increase the security of online accounts.

Is your operating system updated?

Usually we are used to keeping the automatic update ‘off’ by installing Windows or other operating system on the PC. This should never be done. It only takes huge megabytes the first time, but after that it consumes very few MBs. So don’t ruin yourself by saving a few megabytes. Also, all the software that you use regularly should be updated regularly.

Change password after three months

Changing the password regularly after three months and not reusing the same password greatly reduces the risk of hacking. Not only that, the password must be unguessable, contain no dictionary words, and not match your or someone close’s name, date of birth, or phone number.

Emphasize e-mail security

Many people open an e-mail account to open an ID on Facebook or elsewhere, but are careless about its security, and some even forget what the password was for the e-mail at all. This should never be done, as e-mail is the safest way to recover any other ID, even if it is invalid. So your e-mail security must be TwoFA (one time password will be sent to the phone during login, without which login cannot be done).

Beware of fake websites!

Avoid fake and useless websites. Do not enter a site ‘at my risk’ if the browser displays a ‘warning’ on entering a site.

Keep your eyes and ears open about cyber security

While navigating the online world, one should also keep an eye open for its security aspects. For this at least the warning can be set in Google News Alert with ‘Online Safety’.

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