The involvement of teenagers and young adults in a series of recent horrific incidents has left many parents upset. Some of the anxious parents may be keeping an eye on the child’s movements. Others say that it is about the misuse of modern communication media including the Internet.

Keeping kids from using the internet or computers these days is as difficult as it is unwise. It can be counterproductive. Many, however, think of keeping it under surveillance with freedom of use instead. This thinking of conscious and modern parents is certainly commendable; But how many times a day will you peek into the room of a boy or girl? And in that case, those who are working or doing business, what is the way?

Not only that, children are no longer behind. Kids assume that what they see or do online, their parents won’t take well. So they often delete online history after use. Apart from this, if you suddenly stop using the internet or computer at home, the child may turn to friends or cyber cafes without informing you.

A recent study says that 70 percent of parents don’t know their children are finding provocative and illegal content online without their knowledge. It does not end here, but it is terrible but true that many children get involved in various immoral activities and relationships including cyber bullying.

All parents need to be aware that not just one or two, but almost every day such incidents happen somewhere or the other. In this case, using a good quality antivirus with parental controls can be the ideal solution. Apart from keeping track of your child’s online activity, it can prevent any online fraud including cyber bullying.

There are several antiviruses available in the market with parental controls, but ‘Rive Antivirus’ developed by Bangladeshi technology company Reeve Systems has the most advanced features. It includes category-based blocking in addition to blocking any site from the browser; Where there are more than half a hundred categories including adult, gambling etc.

The benefit of category-based blocking is that once you block a category, you will no longer be able to access any sites related to it. You can also block for a specific time or any day of the week, hour or minute in time based blocking.

But the biggest advantage of Rev Antivirus’s Advanced Parental Control is that you can keep an eye on your child’s online activities in surveillance mode without blocking. If you turn on the surveillance mode and select the category, you will get a notification on the mobile when you enter a site from that PC. It is sent completely without your child’s knowledge, so there is no chance for him to be sly or arrogant.

One of the biggest advantages of internet surveillance is that you can encourage your child to stay away from illegal sites at a convenient time later. Apart from this, tell your child about the dangers of cyberbullying to stay safe online. Tell him why the computer is online or what he needs to do. Explain what social media is, why and how to talk or communicate with whom. Above all, guide the child like a friend, not scolding.

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