The Canadian government has announced a ban on the production and import of disposable plastics. Local time, some new rules were announced on Monday. The rules will be effective from next December. In addition, the sale of disposable plastic will be banned from December next year. And export will be banned in 2025. Khabar Al Jazeera.

The Canadian government said in a press release yesterday that the rules would apply to the manufacture and import of shopping bags, utensils, food supplies made of plastic that are difficult to recycle. With few exceptions, the production and import of ring carriers, steel sticks and straws will also be banned.

At a news conference on Monday, Canadian Environment Minister Steven Gilbolt said: “Our government is committed to reducing plastic pollution. That is why today we are announcing that the government is moving towards implementing the promise made once to ban the use of harmful plastics. This is a historic step in preventing plastic pollution and keeping our people, land and sea clean. ”

The ban on the sale of such products will be effective from December 2023. During this time, businesses will be given the opportunity to adapt to changes and to end the supply of stocked products.

The Canadian government will also ban the export of six types of plastics by the end of 2025.

Last year, the federal government listed plastics as toxic products under Canada’s Environmental Protection Act. This creates an opportunity to control the use of plastics.

An association of plastic producers has already filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government for opposing the declaration of plastic as toxic. The case is set to be heard later this year.

According to the Canadian government, 1.5 billion plastic shopping bags are used in the country every year. And 1 crore 70 lakh straws are used every day.

According to a recent report by the United Nations, the use of plastics in the world is expected to triple by 2060. In the same year, the annual production of fossil fuel-based plastics could stand at 100.2 million tons. The amount of waste that will be generated by producing these plastics every year will be more than 1 billion tons.

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