Futures trading is a kind that is a derivative product. These are legal contracts for trading between two parties that include an agreement to purchase or sell an asset at a set price on a specific date. For Bitcoin futures, the primary asset is bitcoin.

Futures trading permits investors to protect themselves from volatile markets and make sure they can quickly buy or sell a particular currency at a predetermined price. However, if the price fluctuates in the opposite direction a trader wants, they may be paying more than the market rate for bitcoin or even selling it for an expense.

What is Crypto Futures Trading?

Futures trading in crypto is different from spot-traded trading in numerous ways, as it doesn’t require traders to own any assets for participation. Instead, traders purchase the derivatives or derivatives they want to sell that represent the worth of any cryptocurrency at a specific date soon.

Fundamentally, futures trading lets investors speculate on the potential value of cryptocurrency. Traders can take a long position to earn the price of a rise or short of predicting the possibility of a price decline.

One of the most significant benefits of trading in futures is the leverage used. Leverage can improve capital efficiency since traders don’t have to hold up large quantities of capital. It boosts the possibility of returns and risk, so traders should always be on the lookout for cautiousness.

How to Get Started Trading Futures in the right way

Futures trading can be a difficult task for nearly every person. It takes a long time to comprehend how the market fluctuates and adapts with time, what external factors influence the market, the incentives people are willing to accept to participate in the market, etc.

With this tremendous amount of information to sift through and no experience or understanding to guide you through, It’s no wonder that many traders who are new to trading struggle to establish their footing and ultimately bottom out. KuCoin is a reliable crypto exchange platform for futures trading because of its user-friendly interface as well as its wide selection of assets that are supported. Make sure you only trade futures when are confident about the possibility that market prices will shift in your favor. Even then, only put in just a small percentage in your overall portfolio. That’s why it’s essential to adopt a well-planned approach to each trade. And also KuCoin always present live chart for the top trending trading pairs, like LUNA USDT and LUNC USDT.

  • Create a Trading Plan

A plan for trading can assist you in managing risk better and improve the consistency of your trading. When creating a trading strategy should have a clear plan of how you’ll be able to enter and exit positions, including indicators for entry and exit such as position-sizing and stop-loss positions.

The benefits of a trading strategy can be numerous, from reducing stress during the day and letting you miss fewer trades. Traders need to be more aware of their trading habits to develop particular strategies and take trading with a serious attitude.

  • Proper Risk Management

The most crucial aspect of trading is the management of risk. It starts by establishing the limits of acceptable or unacceptable risk in trading.

When trading in futures, each dollar must be worth 100 times its actual value. If your portfolio is worth $1000, you should be highly cautious about losing more than 10 dollars.

Traders approach every trade with a specific plan to have a long-term outlook. The ability to win in small amounts over time is essential for establishing a solid account.

Strategies for managing risk can protect capital, create realistic expectations, and help you avoid trading with emotions.

  • Continuous Learning

One unique thing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is that it is the first-ever asset class. People are discussing the subject and working to make improvements each day. The industry is constantly evolving, and that’s what makes it thrilling.

Being up-to-date with the blockchain industry and consistently trying to find ways to enhance your skills in trading is vital to staying on top of success. Learning will always give you more precise insights into future market trends, allowing you to anticipate the future.

  • Trade Responsibly

Compulsive and emotional trading is regarded as gambling behavior that can end a trader’s career. There are many methods to combat these mental pitfalls, including limiting leverage, reducing the number of traders employed during a particular time, setting realistic goals and objectives, and not trading with money you can’t manage to risk losing.

The accumulation of losses can be swift and cause damage to your capital. Letting losses slide and avoiding “lucky runs”‘ are sensible ways to trade futures.

  • Find out the amount of time you can devote

If you can invest in these markets, you are likely to be a professional or enjoy the leisure time you’ve earned over the years to make money. In any case, your time is an essential asset in and of itself. It would help if you accurately estimated how much time you have to dedicate to turning your passion for Futures Trading into something practical. Do you have ten minutes per day? Do you have an hour every week? Start with this as a reference place and stick to this time commitment as you would for equity investments.


Most of the time, most traders will find the cryptocurrency futures market to be thrilling. Contrary to spot trading, Futures trading offers benefits that are strategic and allow you to increase profits. Futures trades can be lucrative provided you have the information and strategies to manage risk to prevent significant losses. Before you trade futures, it is essential to plan and do your due diligence. Be aware of the advantages and the risks.

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