Iran responded in the 1980s. He once became an icon to many people in the country. His fame spread from Europe to the whole world with his movies. Film director Abbas Kiarostami is the man who opened the door to new possibilities in the film industry. Today is his 22nd birthday. Abbas once worked for the traffic police to pay for his education. Then the story is like a movie. How did a teacher who made videos for children take his place in the film world? Why is he still so relevant?

Kiarostami studied fine arts at Tehran University and began working as a graphic designer. Even then the movie didn’t get him that much. At the same time, he joined the Center for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults. In doing so, he thinks, what is it like to teach children a visual medium rather than teaching? This is the first time he has picked up a camera for children. Made video images, the main theme of which was bread in the hands of a small child. The child is returning home after buying it. Suddenly a dog followed him. Once he came to the front. The child cringes in fear. What will the children do in such a situation?

The guardians of Iran were also apprehensive about such a question. Because children are often frightened when they see dogs on the street. Kiarostami answers this in the video. He shows in the video, the child is standing helpless. Later intelligence plays in his head. Throwing some part of the bread, the dog eats it. If you throw it away, the dog will run away too. The dog then means the child’s obedience. At this time the child ran and came to his house.

His fame spread from Europe to the whole world with his movies

His fame spread from Europe to the whole world with his movies
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The director was praised for making the first educational video short ‘Breads and Allies’. The latter chooses children for most of the work. In an interview with the Guardian in 2005 about his first experience working with children, Kiarostami said: The works were made with childish problems. That was part of my job in the beginning. This work has made me an artist. At the same time, he taught me that making movies is hard work. ‘ Kiarostami started making the first movie ‘The Report’ by making several instructional videos.Kiarostami was more interested in storytelling than in storytelling. Listening to stories was the first priority when going to work. He used to listen to stories with the parents of the children. These real-life stories are featured in almost all movies, including ‘The Experience’, ‘The Traveler’, ‘A Suit for Wedding’, and ‘Close Up’. His reputation continues to grow. In those days, his trademark became the director wearing black glasses, whose main part of the story was the story of an unseen village in Iran. They are captured on Kiarostami’s camera as paintings by the painter. He became a movie poet to the movie critics of the world. Long-running shots became the mainstay of his movies, Using the scene-story through the camera without using the dialogue unnecessarily. The organization is very low. Kiarostami uses village locations and amateur actors. The lines of Persian poetry directly in the voice over in the movie seem to increase the fascination. Kiarostami’s diverse ideas have gone all the way, and all of what he has built has acquired new meaning. Even documentaries like ‘ABC Africa’ or ‘Ten on Ten’ are unique. ‘Certified Copy’, ‘Shirin’ and ‘Like Someone in Love’ are also worth mentioning.

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